The Founder of the VLG Art Consultancy

After graduate studies in the Universities of Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, (Maîtrise d’Histoire de l’Art, 1991), and Geneva (Doctorat ès Lettres en Histoire de l’Art, 1996), Valérie Louzier-Gentaz became passionately interested in the art of 18th and 19th century portrait painting in Geneva.  She thus chose the work of Firmin Massot (1766-1849) as the subject of her doctoral thesis, naturally leading her to study not only the masters and pupils of this artist  (Louis-Ami Arlaud-Jurine, Amélie Munier-Romilly, Nancy Mérienne) but also his co-disciples and their circle (Joseph Hornung, Nicolas Schencker, Jeanne-Pernette Schencker-Massot, Jeanne Dansse-Romilly, Henriette Rath, Elisa Blondel, Catherine Longchamp, Jean-François Soiron, Pierre-Elie Bovet, Abraham Bouvier, among others).

For about twenty years now, Valérie Louzier-Gentaz has been called upon to expertise portraits,  both paintings and drawings, by these Genevese artists, from 1760 to 1880, for private collectors, museums, auction rooms, art dealers, in Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, the United States, Argentina.

Valérie Louzier-Gentaz contributes regularly to scientific art history reviews (Genava, Les Cahiers d’Histoire de l’Art, The British Art Journal) and has collaborated, for some years now, with different Dictionaries of Artists. Her publications are quoted as references in catalogues raisonnés of artists, exhibition catalogues and catalogues for public auctions. 

The VLG Art Consultancy and its activities

The VLG Art Consultancy has unique archives and an important private Photographic Library, assembled over the last twenty years and steadily improved.
Established in Geneva and Paris in order to reply rapidly to requests made, the VLG Art Consultancy is able to authenticate your paintings and drawings, to evaluate them and to deliver authenticity certificates. If you are a private owner, the VLG Art Consultancy proposes to assist or to represent you for any transaction (purchase or sale), specifically with art dealers or auction houses.

You can contact the VLG Art Consultancy by telephone, postal or electronic mail.